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Handmade for the Holidays

At Thos. Moser, we believe that thoughtful design is timeless. That well-chosen materials handled with skill are inspirational. That uncompromising craftsmanship earns lasting respect. And that openness and honesty are the foundations of relationships that endure.

This holiday season, we invite you to experience the joy of Thos. Moser furniture, and save up to 30% on a selection of our timeless favorites.


Furniture for life.

Vivienne K. | Customer since ‘08

From an essay by then 12-year-old Lucy K., Vivienne’s daughter.

…the best way to describe my family is through our dining room table. We believe that everything we have ever said while sitting around that dining room table has sunk into it, embedded itself into it and grown into a beautiful story.
Maybe, just maybe, when the table was first made, it wasn’t “alive”. But now, after all these emotions and stories and memories have sunk into it, it is alive.


A squeak of reassurance.

Karen M. | Customer since ‘91

Twenty-nine years ago, when customers Karen and Steve Marsden were expecting their first child, they treated themselves to a Moser rocker. The chair was where Karen felt most connected to her daughter. But when a subtle squeak sounded with each rock, Karen called Moser customer service. In no time, Tom Moser arrived at her Alexandria, Virginia townhouse, determined that the squeak wouldn’t affect the chair’s durability, and offered a replacement, That’s when Karen had a change of heart. Today, the squeak still takes her back to that visit — and to the countless hours she spent connecting with her daughter in the chair.


A lifetime collection.

Linda B. | Customer since ‘93

Customer Linda Boekelheide requested her first Moser catalog in 1986. For years, Linda had been intrigued by small-space Moser ads in the New Yorker magazine.
“I was finally able to purchase two Moser chairs in 1994. Since, our Moser collection
has grown to 13 pieces. I love the simplicity and how the finished wood feels alive.
I love to look at the signatures of the craftsmen of each piece, and to wonder what they felt while making this piece. I still have every Moser catalog I’ve ever received.”


The artist’s choice.

Oscar P. & Sonia H. | Customers since ‘15

Customers Oscar and Sonia are both professors at the University of Chicago, but their spare time is dedicated to their art. Their current project — a Smalti glass tile mosaic — found them nestled in their studio space, hewing intricate glass tesserae over a workbench for as much as six hours at a time. To alleviate back strain and beautify the space, they purchased two Moser High Stools. The stools achieved every objective and added to the growing Moser collection lovingly curated and installed throughout their art- filled Hyde Park apartment.

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