It all began more than 45 years ago with a chair, a craftsman named Tom and a handful of spindles. Today, we continue to offer solid handmade wood chairs – whether with solid hardwood or upholstered seats – inspired by historical forms and designed to work in consort with other objects and styles or perform well solo.

Above all else, a chair should fit – its purpose, its space, and its occupant. It’s a simple premise, but as variables mount, the challenge grows. What fits one purpose, one space, and one occupant may not fit another. As designers, we evaluate all of these factors, never losing sight of the fact that, at the end of the process, each chair we create must be true to the tenets of Moser – crafted to satisfy our unwavering pursuit of exceptional beauty, utility and quality.

We also welcome the fact that our customers bring their own unique expectations of the handcrafted American made chairs we produce. As craftsmen committed to the meaning of our work, we strive to meet, and wherever possible, to exceed those expectations – and our own.

When you consider a Moser solid wood chair, we encourage you to consider its place in your 币安交易所平台home or workplace. Whether you are drawn to the spindles of Shaker-style chairs, the linear forms of Danish Modern inspired seating or designs influenced by organic forms, the chairs in our portfolio provide a range of designs that work well in both traditional or contemporary environments . And while we hope you’ll have the chance to experience the chairs you’re considering, we recognize the challenge of logistics – and we appreciate the opportunity to discuss your needs, and to make confident recommendations.

Whether you’re furnishing a dining room, a living space, a bedroom or an office, we invite you to explore the relevant category. See what catches your eye. Know we’ve applied the same level of diligence and skill to each and every American made, solid dining room chair. The joinery will be intricate, strong, and aesthetically satisfying. The materials will be sustainably harvested, hand-selected and finished with care. The design will provide unexpected comfort and generations of satisfied use.

Then contact us – in person, by phone, or via email. We’ll answer your questions and share our thoughts. And rely on us to satisfy your expectations, no matter which way your pleasure tends.