Our furniture is made for living – and is rooted in utility, quality and a celebration of wood. Our living furniture is designed to make an immediate impression without ever sacrificing comfort.

There are at least two types of living rooms: those you use; and those you preserve, like museum exhibits, for special occasions. Quite often, both of these rooms exist in the same 币安交易所平台home. And in more instances than most would care to admit, the unwritten criteria for “when to use the formal living room” is almost never met.

At Thos. Moser, we’re firm believers that one set of quality living room furniture can serve both functions. When our designers and craftsmen create lounge and living room furniture, they do so with an expectation and desire that their creations will be used, even loved, for generations.

Granted, beauty and utility can be a challenging balance to maintain.

In order to earn the loyalty of a lounger, reader, napper or TV watcher, our handmade American living room furniture has to provide exceptional comfort – the kind that’s so familiar it’s taken for granted. We achieve this with thoughtfully carved and shaped lines – and subtle-but-effective surfaces and cushioning that contour to the human form.

To win over those with an appreciation for formality, we embrace the natural beauty of functional form. Through that thinking, comfort and grace become natural companions, where the sweep, bend or joint that cradles its occupant also pleases the eye.

At Thos. Moser, we emphasize the “living” in our living room furniture collections. Where that furniture belongs? We’ll leave that up to you.