From the beginning, our commitment has been to offer quality furniture that is both purposeful and elegant in its simplicity – our office furniture is no exception. Our desks, bookcases and cabinets are enhanced to offer aesthetic beauty as well as practicality to complement your routine.

There’s energy to every space – and the way a room feels is every bit as important as what it is for. Whether for dining, living, sleeping or working, furniture helps to define the atmosphere, and to optimize the purpose of a space.

At Thos. Moser, we understand that office furniture should serve the unique purpose for which it’s used and the distinct tastes and preferences of the individual using it. A closer look at our selection of fine handcrafted solid wood office furniture demonstrates not only our appreciation for purpose, but our acknowledgement of individual style. When you furnish an office with Moser furniture, it should suit your needs and desires perfectly.

Designed and crafted with the same attention to detail demonstrated in all our furniture, every piece of Moser office furniture is designed to work, to work well, and to serve its purpose for decades to come. Whether you prefer the distinctive design of our Radius Desk, the utilitarian simplicity of our Rectangular Table Desk, or the beautiful utility of our Eight Leg Writing Desk, you’ll appreciate the practical details that conceal the trappings of technology, while providing ready access to the tools and materials required of everyday use.

Like our desks, our office seating is purpose built, while satisfying its user’s desire for both comfort and style. Whether you opt for a Cooper or Regent Swivel Chair – or a more traditional fixed seat or stool – you’ll pursue even the longest days of work without physical compromise.

Even our office storage offerings provide visceral satisfaction. With clean lines, intricate joinery and drawers that open and close without effort, our file cabinets and bookcases are uncompromisingly reliable and incomparably beautiful.

Our work matters because your work matters. And we’ll do everything in our power to create custom office furniture that inspires you to excel.